Payments Policy


Monthly payment installments will be deducted from Member’s bank account. Member authorizes Provider and its servicer, H3 Financial Services Inc., dba VCP, to debit/charge the account of the Member. Member further agrees to provide updated or replacement account information to Provider at least 30 days prior to any change or closure of the account. An overdraft/re-processing fee of $25 will be billed to Member for insufficient funds, over limit status or any other reason a payment is unable to be processed based on the account information supplied by Member. Member is responsible for immediately notifying Provider of any changes in billing account information to avoid any payment reprocessing fees.


Ways We Help You Avoid A Missed Payment Charge


  1. Sending monthly payment reminders with contact numbers for you to call and stop your payment if there will be an issue with funds available
  2. Immediately sending an email if a payment does not succeed and provide you with contact information to rectify the missed payment
  3. Sending credit card expiration emails so that you can call the practice and provide them with your updated card information to avoid having a missed payment

Special Note: If your received a new card with a chip, check the expiration date. Often banks update the expiration date while sending out a new chip card, even though it was not about to expire. This will make a payment fail due to not matching date on file. Call and have your card updated to be safe.