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With VCP, you have a proven expert with you at every step. VCP delivers business processes, comprehensive software, and innovative tools that set the foundation for a thriving wellness plan program. VCP is the only complete solution offering both the Practice of Wellness and the Business of Wellness to guarantee success. We identify and partner with you at every step to help you succeed at the Business of Wellness. VCP’s Business of Wellness equips you with the processes, strategies, and tools to make real-time decisions for your wellness program to realize long-term growth, along with higher rates of compliance.

With You at Every Step

With VCP, your wellness coach and team help you with every aspect of your wellness program, making it easy for you and your staff. We begin with plans that follow your protocols and options tailored to the pet parent’s needs. We conduct a market-pricing analysis to determine optimal pricing. Your coach acts as a continuing resource, along with our customer support team — all backed by industry-leading software to manage and automate your wellness program.

Advanced Payment Management

Credit cards expire, are lost or stolen, or get maxed out — leading to missed payments and headaches for your practice. Missed payments are the chief source of frustration for practice team members.


VCP is the only solution with comprehensive wellness accounting and recurring billing — not just recurring payments. This robust functionality allows VCP to automate the entire payment management process, with features that include smart logic to attempt payment up to four additional times. This feature proactively corrects 35% of payment issues. VCP also provides a professional call center, saving your team the frustration of tracking down missed payments.

Measure Your Success

Planning and setting goals are vital steps in creating your wellness vision. Understanding what is happening in real-time is equally crucial to your success. VCP includes tools to help you set and monitor your goals, then track your progress in a wellness performance dashboard with real-time visibility to key program metrics. In addition, your wellness coach works closely with you to find new ways to successfully evolve your program.

Beyond Preventive Care With Chronic Illness Plans

When a pet develops a chronic illness, the cost of ongoing care and treatment can cause sticker shock for some pet parents. That’s why VCP’s industry-leading software for wellness plans also empowers practices to create chronic illness plans with affordable monthly payments.


With VCP’s flexibility, your practice can design plans that fit your treatment protocols, customize a basic plan with options tailored to a specific pet’s condition. VCP’s functionality makes it easy to add options mid-plan to adapt to a pet’s changing health needs.


These optional services can be set to not auto-renew — so the plan renews to your basic plan protocol. You can then add new options, as needed, the following year.


Chronic illness plans also can address the need for rehabilitation. For example, a chronic illness plan for cranial cruciate ligament tear could include pain management medications, rehabilitation, and special nutrition for weight management.


The types of possible plans are nearly limitless, thanks to VCP’s support of mid-stream service additions, payment management, pet parent communications, marketing, and other critical activities.