Wellness Program Success At Animal Clinic Del Rancho

Essential Care Plans Make It Easy for Pet Owners to Say Yes to Recommended Care


Animal Clinic Del Rancho is a two-doctor practice in Arizona that has been offering their branded preventive care plans, named Essential Care Plans, for almost one year now. During that time, the team has enrolled over 120 pets on a variety of plans. One of their greatest accomplishments: more than half of all the adult and senior plans purchased have included dentistry.


The story of Mousey and Giada, below, is a testament to the difference it makes when a practice provides pet owners with the ability to make automated monthly payments. The plans provide a more affordable monthly payment allowing more clients to budget and afford for the care their pets need to stay happy and healthy.


Giada, a beagle/Boston terrier mix, and Mousey, a chihuahua, have been patients at Animal Clinic Del Rancho for many years. At their annual examination in 2016, the owner was concerned about a growth on Giada’s eyelid. The doctor recommended removal of the growth, and recommended it be done when Giada had a dental, which she really needed. Mousey also needed a dental, but unfortunately their owner could not afford the costs associated with these procedures and had to decline the services.


Enter Del Rancho’s Essential Care Plans. When they came in for their annual examination in 2017, both pets still needed dentals and the growth still needed to be removed from Giada’s eyelid. The owner was introduced to the plans, and was relieved to learn that he could now provide the very best care for his beloved pets and stay within his budget by making monthly payments. It was a win-win for everyone — the pets received the medical care that was needed, the owner felt he was taking care of his pets, and the doctor was able to provide the best medical care.

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