Veterinary CreditPlans Created To Focus On Veterinary Industry

H3 Financial Services Inc., Announces Creation of Veterinary Credit Plans In Partnership with to Focus Exclusively on Pet Owner Financial Services Solutions for the Veterinary Industry.


Attending the North American Veterinary Community Conference in Orlando, FL in January. (Booth #4313)


Aliso Viejo, CA., December 23, 2013 – H3 Financial Services Inc., a leader in comprehensive business-to-customer financial services solutions announced the creation of Veterinary Credit Plans in partnership with


ExtendCredit has innovated in-house payment plans and wellness plan programs for the healthcare, retail and service industries, and has experienced tremendous growth within the veterinary market. The creation of Veterinary Credit Plans (VCP) will allow for a singular focus on the needs of the veterinary industry, adding additional resources and a full suite of pet owner financial service solutions, including wellness plans and second-look in-house payment plan management.


“We have been experiencing rapid growth in the veterinary market, and decided to consolidate all of our veterinary industry activities under one brand with the sole focus of answering the financial service needs of the veterinary practice and pet owner,” said Joe Simrell, president of Veterinary Credit Plans.


Veterinary CreditPlans was founded on the simple premise that veterinary practices can boost sales, increase pet owner loyalty, and improve bottom line results through better financial services for pet owners. Veterinary practices strive to improve their profit margins, even as pet owners struggle with the ever-increasing cost of pet care. According to the Bayer 2011 Veterinary Care Usage Study, pet owners overwhelmingly want quality veterinary care for their pets, but fiscal concerns often put price before loyalty to one particular doctor. An effective financial services strategy serves both parties. Pet owners are provided with options to make pet care more obtainable, and veterinary practices have the tools needed to efficiently deliver and manage financial programs to their clients that drive top and bottom line improvements, while ensuring loyalty and standing out from the competition.


“We are very excited about the creation of Veterinary Credit Plans,” commented Bob Richardson, president of “Over the years, our wellness plan and in-house payment plan solutions have grown to lead the industry, and now with the creation of VCP will allow the team to focus exclusively on the needs of this market.”


The company has worked with industry leaders to continually evolve and deliver the most comprehensive suite of financial services. The solution includes wellness plan technology and payment plans designed to provide pet owners with affordable options in care and veterinarians with the tools to boost sales, enhance customer loyalty, and build their bottom line. VCP has created the industry’s first integrated financial services platform delivering new levels of automation and flexibility. The SaaS platform brings together leading wellness plan software, third-party financing, and the VCP second-look in-house payment plan management, allowing the practice to provide wellness plans and financing on their terms, building their brand and always controlling the pet owner relationship.


The program is built upon a secure cloud-based platform, the foundation of which has been used in multiple industries for 25 years, and has a proven track record of handling over 50 billion recurring transactions annually. Using VCP requires no new hardware or software investment, and can be accessed from any Internet browser.


Customized specifically for the veterinary industry, VCP goes beyond competitive offerings by providing a comprehensive, end-to-end, fully automated suite of financial services for pet owners — that simplifies workloads for practice staff, while improving financial performance for the practice.


VCP is also the only financial services solution with advanced enterprise-level functionality and multi-location capabilities, delivering leading scalability, best practices, business rules and the ability to track commission and performance pay for multi-location corporate practices.


About Veterinary Credit Plans
Located in Southern California, Veterinary Credit Plans is a division of H3 Financial Services, Inc., a leading provider of credit, billing, and payment solutions and services. VCP is dedicated to improving the financial performance of veterinary practices by providing easy-to-use, affordable financial service solutions for practices and pet owners. VCP’s exclusive financial services platform enables veterinarians to improve pet care by providing preventive care programs coupled with payment options for pet owners enhancing loyalty to the practice, increasing sales and building the bottom line.


Website: phone: 800 315 1780.

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