VCP, Hippo Manager Integration Set to Transform Wellness Practice for Veterinarians​

Veterinarians can now give customers the certainty of predictable payments, making essential pet care affordable amid financial uncertainty and beyond                                            


For Immediate Release: August 13, 2020


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Lexington, Ky. and Irvine, Ca. — Veterinary solutions leaders Hippo Manager and VCP today announced a new partnership to deliver a comprehensive cloud-based solution for wellness plans and practice management with one easy-to-use point of access.


The rollout marks the first time that a complete wellness solution, payment management and analytic tools have been integrated into cloud-based software with a simple interface for veterinary practice users.


The leaders in practice management software innovation and the most comprehensive wellness solution have now come together to empower veterinary professionals in their quest to provide the best care. This joint partnership enables Hippo Manager users to benefit from the unique offerings of the VCP wellness solution to ensure the best wellness program. 


“The hardest part about administering wellness plans in the past was the technology barrier. With the Hippo Manager and VCP partnership, veterinarians can now get the workflow and tracking automation necessary to make delivering wellness services in the hospital efficient,” said Sam Razor, Founder and CEO of Hippo Manager.


VCP’s extensive plan flexibility is designed to fit veterinary practices’ protocols. The solution provides recurring billing, not just recurring payments, to remove the payment management hassle from veterinary teams, along with experienced wellness coaches, extensive analytics and dashboards, and marketing support — all now available for the first time through Hippo Manager practice-management software.


“With Business of Wellness™ tools, our solution and services go beyond preventive care,” said Bob Richardson, president of VCP. “It is a business strategy that empowers practices to achieve many of their goals — from compliance to pet owner education, to healthy pets, to increasing revenue, to increasing other services outside the plan, and building loyalty. Now, with Hippo Manager, we deliver an even easier point of access to wellness to help practices thrive in these uncertain times.”


The platforms are both optimized with online enrollment options, curbside check-ins, and text-to-pay to help practices communicate effectively with clients while social distancing. 

“Wellness plans are a must-have for many pet owners who are facing financial uncertainty from COVID,” said Razor. “Offering consistent, predictable payment options that can fit in family budgets will get more pets better and consistent care without the anxiety of affordability.”

The new integration embeds VCP’s suite of tools within Hippo Manager, freeing users from toggling between two interfaces to administer wellness plans. Roadblocks, including tracking consumption and missed payments, are virtually eliminated through this partnership, giving practices more time to care for pets in these challenging times.


 “We’re offering the best of both worlds — a complete and comprehensive wellness cloud-based solution to full back-end and management support — with the ease of practice management integration,” noted Richardson.


About VCP

VCP, the wellness plan solutions leader, is quickly becoming the epicenter of a pet wellness ecosystem that supports veterinary professionals in their quest to help more pets live happy healthier lives, and at the same time, dramatically increase practice revenue and growth. VCP was founded on the simple premise that to enable treatment and ensure more healthy pets, the practice must retain a healthy bottom line. The data, from over 350,000 managed plans, proves the significant impact of VCP wellness solutions. Our partners see higher compliance rates for services both in and out of the wellness plan, 10% to 15% growth in practice revenue, and dramatic increases in per-pet spend. As the only solution focused on both the Practice of Wellness (software, plan design and management) and the Business of Wellness™ (how to grow and scale programs and incorporate as a core business strategy), VCP helps veterinary practices of all sizes reach their goals. For more information, visit and follow us on social media.


About Hippo Manager

Hippo Manager is the largest independently-owned, cloud-based, veterinary practice management software provider in the United States. They serve as the central nervous system for veterinary practices, integrating patient data with labs, pharmacy, client communication and more. Hippo Manager focuses on giving veterinarians the autonomy to practice the way they want by providing a flexible, easy-to-use platform that improves profitability by saving time and correctly capturing charges. The cloud-based platform ensures veterinarians always own and control their own data, a core belief of the company.  For more information, visit and follow us on social media.

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