The Data Is In:​

Wellness Plans Move the Meter in Veterinary Practices

TVC Members Save 60%.

Sign up for a free demo today and discover how fast and easy the VCP wellness and financial services platform and team can have you up and running offering wellness plans to your clients. Our clients add over 10,000 NEW plans each month. At VCP, we have a plan for your success.

Preventive Care and Wellness​

We offer a complete wellness solution allowing you to use the software to create preventive care plans as well as treatment and lifestyle plans. This feature allows you to personalize your offerings for each client and further build relationships by providing the preventive care and overall wellness treatment plans your clients need. They are also great ways to market ancillary services such as grooming, boarding and more in packages that add revenue to the practice.

In-House Payment Plans

It is hard to say no, and sometimes the only answer is a self-funded installment payment plan. We make it easy, helping mitigate risk and identifying payment worthy clients. The system automates the application, billing and payment process and provides the tools needed to make it fast, with less staff involvement. The workflow for each solution is very similar making it easy for staff to be trained and to start using within minutes.

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