Why Wellness? VCP White Paper

VCP understands a well-run wellness plan program is a strategic business tool that reaches beyond preventive care — to nurture pet parent relationships, grow compliance, and compete effectively — so practices and pets thrive. This white paper chronicles the fundamental forces propelling changes in pet parents’ purchasing behaviors. It recommends core strategies to successfully care for more pets in today’s ever-changing times.

Navigating Your Wellness Plan Choices

A well-run program generates spending of $1,250 to $1,600 per pet each year — and multiplied by 300 plans, that’s a $480,000 piece of business annually. Here, we outline key factors to consider when weighing the crucial decision of whether to create a self-managed wellness program, use your practice management platform, or partner with a third-party provider.

Case Study: Deer Park Veterinary Hospital

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Deer Park Veterinary Hospital opted for VCP’s online and curbside self-enrollment solution to keep pace with changing demands and help more customers. The solution not only saved team members’ valuable time, but also spurred a significant uptick in wellness plan enrollments.

Beyond Wellness White Paper

Pet patients with chronic illnesses often require regularly scheduled visits, diagnostics, and treatment, yet pet parents may struggle to afford the cost of ongoing veterinary care without payment options. The answer is chronic illness plans — a unique capability of the VCP platform.

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