More Tips For A Successful Wellness Program

In our last post we shared three tips for a successful wellness program. Here are a few more, sure to make a great impact on your wellness efforts to ensure healthier pets and a healthy practice.


1. Make It Personal. Pet owners want their pets to be healthy, but often do not know what is best to ensure their pets’ health. It is easy to set up a basic wellness plan, one that is affordable to more clients, but also be sure to create it with options that further promote a healthy life for their pet.


Add options for dental care, flea and tick and other services or products that are of specific need for your area or the breed of pet. Wellness can be creative and differentiate you from cookie-cutter programs sometimes offered at larger locations.


2. Promote Your Wellness Plans. Small things like posters in the exam room have shown to significantly increase wellness plan enrollment. Add wellness tips and plan details on your website. Most importantly, make sure your staff truly feels and understands that wellness is about what is best for the pet and helps educate pet owners. It’s not about selling, but promoting a healthier life and long-term relationships.


3. Build Ancillary Services. Do you offer grooming or boarding? If so develop optional service packages that your clients can add to their wellness program as a secondary plan. You may provide discounts for these ancillary services instead of on the basics included in your wellness plans. Thinking outside the box allows you to promote other services your clients need, further building the relationship with the pet and client, while also helping build the practice.

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