Three Tips For A Successful Wellness Program

1. Follow the K.I.S.S. Principle…Keep It Simple, Silly! As you roll out your plans, and work to get the entire practice team on board, keep your plans as simple as possible. Base them on your practice’s protocols and aim for 3-4 plans per species:


  • Puppy/Kitten
  • Adult Maintenance/Silver
  • Adult Maintenance Plus/Gold
  • Senior/Platinum

Once you’ve completed these plans, just add spay/neuter or dentistry as an option and you are ready to go…super simple, right?


2. Train, Train and Then Train Again! Need I say more? Your team is your greatest asset, and must be 100% true believers in the value of wellness plans. Don’t skimp on training and don’t hesitate to re-train or modify your approach based on their feedback, especially if things aren’t going as smoothly as you would like.


3. Create Scripts. Make it easy on your team by letting them know exactly when and how you want them to present wellness plans – especially at the front desk.


Laminate these and place them strategically near phones and outside exam rooms. Simple scripts for discussing plans on the phone, in person, with current clients and with new clients not only keeps things consistent but maximizes the potential for further interest on the part of the pet owner.

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