Still Not Offering Wellness Plans?

It’s Time To Act


Wellness plans and preventive care in the veterinary industry have been talked about for years. As the industry changes, the time to act is becoming more crucial.


Corporate veterinary organizations are actively growing and using wellness as a tool to attract clients away from local practices, and are seeing the benefit in revenue growth well above stand-alone practices. In addition, specialty offerings such as vaccination clinics are also popping up and attracting once-loyal practice clients.


While wellness plans take some planning and upfront work, there is a reason they are gaining ground. Research from the Bayer Healthcare study from 2011 and current reports in 2014 show that practices with clients on wellness see revenue growth. Clients with pets on wellness plans come in more often and, while they are there, spend on added products and services not covered in their wellness plan — up to $1.50 more on every $1.00 spent on their wellness plan.


From Every Angle, Wellness Plans Make for A Healthy Practice. 


Here are reasons to implement a wellness program:


  • Predictable income each month (400 plans at $50 per plan is $20,000 a month).
  • Recurring revenue adds to the valuation of practice (Retiring, selling or bring on a partner)
  • Large organizations aggressively growing and marketing wellness may soon be your local competition if not already
  • Industry research shows pet owners want wellness plans for peace of mind and budget planning (46% would visit more if they had a plan with monthly payments, as found in the Bayer Healthcare Study)
  • Stop the trend of your clients taking pets to wellness plan providers for preventive and to you only in an emergency
  • Reports prove that clients with pets on wellness plans visit more and spend more while at the practice (independent reports show up to 50% increase)
  • Increase compliance means healthier pets

These are just a few of the reasons to roll out a wellness plan. If you have been thinking about wellness, the returns are definitely worth the investment.

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