Practice-to-Practice Wellness Plan Marketing Tip

Here’s a powerful social media tip from one of our wellness plan practices: When a pet is enrolled in a wellness plan, a team member will get permission from the owner to take a photo and announce it on Facebook. For example, a Facebook post would have a picture of Missy the 9-year-old orange tabby and read, “Meet Missy! Missy has been coming to ABC veterinary clinic since she was a kitten. Today Missy’s owner enrolled her in our Platinum Senior Care Wellness Plan to make sure that Missy gets all of the preventive care she needs in her golden years. For more information about our wellness plans click here.”


According to the practice, these postings have been great for creating buzz with current clients, but what they didn’t expect was that they would generate interest from new clients as well! Clients love to ‘Share’ their adorable pet’s photo with their friends on Facebook, and when these friends learn about the practice’s wellness plans they want to enroll their pets too!


This just reinforces the fact that many pet owners WANT monthly-billed wellness plans so that they can afford to provide the very best care for their pets!

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