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Like many, I consider my dog more than a pet — he is a furry member of the family. My dog means the world to me, and I would do anything to make sure he stays healthy, but the potential costs worried me.


During a visit, my veterinarian told me about wellness plans, and the plans seemed to make a lot of sense to me. I could proactively ensure my little one gets the preventive care he needs to stay healthy, and it fits in my budget, a little each month instead of a larger amount all at once, for things he needs. Signing up for a wellness plan gave me great peace of mind knowing that my pup will get the care he needs on a consistent basis, and the bonus, my vet has a better chance of finding anything that might be going on and treat it before it becomes a bigger issue. And, my plan includes extra visits.


Because of how young I am, any aid in fitting things into my budget helps. With preventative care came the promise of keeping my pup on track, and also keeping my budget in line. So, I did it. I decided to sign up for a preventive care plan with my vet, which covered things like vaccinations, examinations, and protection against fleas and ticks. My veterinarian told me how important dental health and care is in adult dogs, so I even opted for the dental cleaning package. Paying monthly made me feel more comfortable, and I visit my veterinarian more often.


Around a year ago, a friend’s dog started acting a little funny. Turned out, he had worms, and because of how long she waited to take him in for a check-up, it had gotten pretty bad. It took a few weeks, but her dog is all better. But, her bill was a bit more than she was planning on and the costs were unanticipated and hard for her to afford. After watching her go through that process, I am glad my pup and I don’t need to worry, because my plan includes screening and medication to prevent worms in the first place. I will gladly pay my expected monthly plan costs for no worms, what more could I ask for?


I think investing in a preventive care plan was a smart choice for me, and a step to make certain that my dog’s health will never go unchecked because of the expense. As for my friend, she got her pup set up with a preventative care plan, and now she can rest easy. I feel like a good parent. I am better informed about the needs of my little guy, and I know I am doing what I should to keep him healthy. Next time, though, I may just add the grooming and bathing option.


Actual pet owner with a wellness plan

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