A Plan for Every Pet

In the VCP platform, your practice can create plans to enable more pet parents to afford needed pet care, showcase specific service offerings, and stand apart from the competition. Potential plan types include:


  • Chronic Illness Care Plans
  • Dental Care Plans
  • Grooming Plans
  • Daycare Plans
  • Plans for Equine and Pocket Pets

Research shows that these types of plans are a win for pet health. Pet parents were more likely to agree to their doctor’s recommendations when the practice offered monthly payment plans, per a 2020 survey of 1,894 veterinary practices.


Offering a variety of plan types at your practice can give pet parents the peace of mind of knowing they’re doing the utmost for their furry family member. Plus, the plan’s predictable monthly payments ease their financial stress — without discounting.


Talk to your wellness coach about building specialty plans at your practice.

Integration With Industry-Leading PIMs

The coming integration with Covetrus practice management software will equip your busy practice with the technological tools and systems you need to:


  • Streamline workflows
  • Foster more airtight bonds with pet parents
  • Deliver better business and health outcomes

The integration promises to deliver multiple improvements, including enabling your team to quickly identify pets on wellness plans in your PIMS and view their billing status, ensuring your clients are current on payment. We’ve improved the travel sheet, permitting your team to view used and available services with an easy click to consume and invoice. This feature makes sure that only available services are used.


Consumption of services is also automated. And for a new plan enrollment, the VCP Push Link is available to easily send an enrollment link to the pet parent for self-sign up. In addition, a new single sign-on allows you to simply click to see all the details and use all the VCP tools you’re accustomed to.


If your practice is looking to combat revenue erosion to online retailers, the integration of wellness into leading practice management solutions will position you to strengthen ties with pet parents — and improve clinical and business outcomes.


Find out more about the coming integration in a recent interview with Sara Swenson, vice president of global practice management software at Covetrus, on our VCP Talk podcast. Find VCP Talk on your favorite podcast platform or stream it on the show page.

Spotlight on Renewals

For your program to reach its full potential, we encourage your team to focus on these steps:


  1. Contact clients to let them know it’s time to come in for their second annual appointment, so their pet can receive the necessary vaccines and other plan services.
  2. Begin communicating with clients about the importance of renewals at their second annual visit and continue doing so with each subsequent interaction.
  3. Regularly review your consumption reports to see the percentage of services being used. Clients who haven’t used 70-75% of services are less likely to renew and need personal outreach to get them back on track.
  4. Call clients who have a pet on a puppy or kitten plan to explain the importance of transitioning their dog or cat to an adult plan.
  5. At every appointment, make sure you let clients know that they’re great pet parents for having a care plan for their pet. Explain how their preventive care plan is keeping their furry friend in the best of health.

Taking proactive steps helps maintain your existing clients, while giving your staff the opportunity to educate pet parents on the importance of preventive care at every life stage. Feel free to reach out to your coach for additional renewal strategies and suggestions.

We’re Growing

As we work toward integration with industry-leading practice management solutions from Covetrus, we’ve also welcomed aboard new software engineers. Among the projects this team is working on is the coming integration with AviMark, eVetPractice, and ImproMed.


As part of our growing team, all of these new faces are dedicated to supporting your success at plan launch and beyond.