Newsletter - Spring 2021

Going Beyond Wellness With Treatment Plans

The VCP platform supports treatment plans with the same flexibility and customization that you appreciate in preventive care plans. With VCP, you can design treatment plans with a set bundle of services, then add or subtract services at any time, as needed.


Your treatment plans can include service bundles tailored to each and every pet, such as physical exams, diagnostic screenings, checkups to evaluate progress, along with ancillary services like prescription medicine or nutrition.


Treatment plans can address a range of chronic ailments where pets need certain treatments over time. Some examples include Cushing’s disease, diabetes, rehabilitation, and more.


For information on setting up treatment plans at your practice, contact your wellness coach or customer support. Or, download our complimentary white paper on treatment plans.

The Best Wellness Advocates, Your Team!

To cultivate in-house champions, consider creating employee wellness plans with the VCP platform. This capability is a feature that’s unique to VCP.


With wellness plans, employees experience firsthand the tremendous benefits and peace of mind that wellness plans provide. From a business standpoint, we often hear from our practices that employees don’t truly understand the value of the discounted services practices provide to them. Using wellness plans helps demonstrate the value of those services, while providing your bookkeeper with the detailed information they may need.


No matter what, employee plans will be popular with your staff. For information on setting up employee wellness plans, contact your wellness coach or customer support.

VCP Team Member Highlight

As a wellness coach, Charles works closely with practices to both develop wellness plan programs from scratch and transition current programs to the VCP platform. His coaching services run the gamut, encompassing plan design, marketing/branding coordination, pricing, and workflow solutions. Charles also facilitates staff training and program follow-up as milestones are achieved post-launch.


Charles previously spent a decade with Banfield Pet Hospital. While there, he worked as a technician, lead, and surgical assistant for five years, before shifting to the role of practice manager, a post he held until joining VCP.


Charles finds great joy in collaborating with a wide variety of veterinary clinics and teams to create the best program possible to help pets, their owners, and clinics alike.

Marketing Solutions for Your Wellness Program

Videos can serve multiple purposes. A “doctor’s message” video, for example, can outline your core values on wellness and pet health in a fashion that grabs clients’ attention.


You can play these videos in your waiting room, display them on your website, or share them on social media. VCP also can create custom videos to showcase the qualities/services that make your practice special. A video is a great vehicle for marketing your services because it’s not only more entertaining than reading a blog post, it also can convey more easily a subject that may be too complex to explain in writing.


To find out more about our video packages and short-term special bundle pricing, email us at

Tuned Into the Business of Wellness

Our first episode of VCP Talk dives into common misconceptions about wellness plans that may stymie your success. The second outlines strategies to cultivate pet owner loyalty to drive higher compliance and more revenue.


Listen on the VCP Talk show page or on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.

Planning a Price Increase?

Our core offering includes standard repricing at no additional charge. To take advantage of this service, please reach out to your wellness coach or customer support and let them know you are planning a pricing change.


We encourage you to let us know as soon as you’re considering a price increase. The great thing about the VCP system is it allows us to start early and have the plans ready to go for a future date. 


In addition, VCP has launched a new, more comprehensive tier of service to ensure your wellness plan prices are reflecting the current competitive landscape and your wellness program is promoting your full suite of products/services. This tier includes an in-depth strategic review of your wellness program, with enhanced services such as:


  1. Plan Design Review – Review includes personalized suggestions for add-on products/services
  2. Market-based Pricing Review – Ensures your wellness plan pricing remains competitive in your local market
  3. Marketing Review – Evaluation of your brand and marketing strategy, with recommendations to strengthen and expand messaging/communications via multiple avenues
  4. Optional Services Strategy Review – Analysis of your program’s most popular optional services, accompanied by recommendations for capitalizing on additional items or opportunities

Our new comprehensive wellness plan review and pricing update is available for $499 or it can be spread out as an affordable monthly payment of $30. Contact your wellness coach or customer support to find out more about the advantages of this comprehensive tier of service.

New Partner Spotlight

With genomic tests for breed and health screening, Basepaws helps veterinary professionals identify genetic risks early on and make personalized recommendations on diagnostic testing, diet, and lifestyle changes. This knowledge can enable a longer, happier life for your feline patient and stronger bonds with your client.


Basepaws now also offers a Dental CatKit for stress-free screening for common dental conditions. Results from the kit can help your practice make personalized recommendations to protect healthy feline smiles. Ask your wellness coach for details on incorporating Basepaws’ tests in your wellness and dental plans.