Newsletter - Spring 2021

Spotlight on Re-Pricing

Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner. That means it’s time to think about re-pricing your hospital’s care plan offerings and refreshing your marketing materials. Your wellness coach is ready to help you strategize for 2023. Email to start planning for the new year today.

VCP Integrations Power Up Your PIMS

Whether you’re using AVImark, ImproMed, or Covetrus Pulse TM at your hospital, you’ll now be able to access a wide variety of information about your clients from a convenient view within the PIMS. 


The capabilities of this integration are powerful and timesaving. For example, you can see a pet parent’s billing and care plan status and check whether they have a potential expiring credit card or delinquent account. The integration also allows for easy checkout and the recording of consumed services. What’s more: Production pay reporting is now tracked within the system. And you can now utilize VCP’s easy cancel plan settlement logic. 


Not only that, but this new integration allows your practice to send enrollment links directly to your clients, saving your staff valuable time and allowing pet parents to feel more involved in their pet’s wellness program. 


Some preparation is required to enable VCP integration with your PIMS. Contact to begin the process. A VCP representative will help you complete the setup and answer any questions you might have. 


At VCP, we’re always innovating. Future software updates will include care plan management features and other robust capabilities — all designed with your practice, pet parents, and patients in mind. 


AVImark video
ImproMed video
Pulse video


Adaptive Workflow Enhances Client Experience

We now offer a more convenient way for pet parents to experience the enrollment journey and beyond. Our new adaptive workflow feature allows you to create a dedicated care plan experience that lives on your practice’s website. As a result, your clients can browse your wellness offerings, sign up, and view their plans without ever navigating away from your site.


Also, if you’re utilizing curbside service, you can advise pet parents to look over your practice’s care plans while waiting in their cars. Let them know they are welcome to sign up on the spot, too, or whenever is convenient for them. VCP’s new adaptive workflow technology offers elegant solutions to both practices and pet parents. Contact to learn more.