Catching Up with Kindness Animal Hospital

Smokey was just 3 months old when he got loose from his owner and was hit by a car. Smokey was in critical condition when he was brought to Kindness Animal Hospital, where Dr. Hurst discovered that he had torn his abdomen and ruptured his bladder. Smokey needed surgery fast, and although his owner wanted to make sure he received the care he needed, he needed financial assistance to make it happen.


Fortunately Kindness Animal Hospital offers in-house payment plans through the VCP platform. Smokey’s owner was approved for a loan to cover the remaining costs associated with the surgery and follow up care. Smokey is now a rambunctious one-year-old Australian Shepherd, and his owner is forever grateful to Kindness Animal Hospital for making that possible!


Juliet, a seven and a half year old Corgi, was extremely ill when she arrived at Kindness Animal Hospital. She hadn’t been eating or drinking and her owner was frantic to figure out what was wrong with her. Dr. Hurst found that Juliet had severe pyometra and would need immediate surgery to save her life. Juliet’s owner was unable to pay the full amount of the surgery, but within minutes was approved for in-house financing and was able to save her beloved pet. Juliet is now happy and healthy and loving life with her brother Romeo (although Romeo and Juliet are now definitely in a platonic relationship!)


According to Jessica Brown, the practice manager at Kindness Animal Hospital, “If it weren’t for our decision to offer VCP’s in-house financing solutions, neither Smokey’s nor Juliet’s owner could have provided their pets with the lifesaving treatment they needed. Our staff has so many happy stories to share – it’s been really wonderful having these payment options to offer our clients!”

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